Surgeries available


In Males

Penile lengthening

Penile fattening


Peno-scrotal web correction

Testicular implants

Glandular enhancement

Actual lengthening by an apparatus

Peno-scrotal web correction leads to an apparantly longer penis.



In Females

Vaginal tightening



Labia minora trimming

Labia majora fattening

Partial Clitoridectomy

Vaginal rejuvenation in 28 yr old by labiaplasty, minora trimming, clitoral re-shaping.

"I now look like a small girl!!"


"A new look" vaginal rejuvenation by Labia Minora trimming, Labia Majora fat augmentation, partial hood skin removal, and closing together of the two Labia Majora. No tightening required. Picture less than 8 days post-op.

"I can now be my husband's new wife"


Vaginal rejuvenation in 57 yr old by labia majora fat filling, minora trimming, vaginal tightening, anal tag clearance

Vaginal rejuvenation in 44 yr old by vaginal tightening and labia majora fat filling (demonstrated by pinching)

Transverse Labia minora trimming only in this case.

Extreme looseness of external tissues-trimmed and rejuvenated to look like a teenager

Young twenties woman with patulous external vagina, now appearance drastically changed


In Trans-sexuals

Female to Male gender surgery


Male to Female gender surgery

Things are very good as regards my vagina, the diacapprox 1 1/4 " I used an Amelia Dilator set and managed all but the biggest size, and the depth is nearly 6" now. The clitoris is extremely sensitive, I am pleased to say, so yes I am very happy with the results,

thanks to you.


Notice the clitoris and full labia majora-immediate post op.picture



New vagina with full labia majora and a six inch depth created with Penile Inversion technique.



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