Below are some of the pre-and post-operative pictures demonstrating results of various Cosmetic Surgical  procedures. Kindly browse through them to get an idea of the possible results. These are not necessarily reproducible in every patient. Hence it is advisable to get in touch with us and discuss your problem yourself.



hair transplantation


Hair Transplants


Over 1500 free follicular units transplanted to treat baldness in a young male. 




 Chin Augmentation







Chin Augmentation


Small chin augmented by intra-oral placement of silicone implant. No external scars 






Dermabrasion  for Freckles

  Dermabrasion for Freckles




Smoothening of face skin by Dermabrasion to eliminate  pox marks and freckles Procedure comparable for pimple scars. 



Wide Nose Correction


Wide Nostril Correction


Wide nostrils treated by nostril flare reduction, (other recommended procedures not opted for by patient)



Hump Nose reduction & raising of tip of nose


Correction of nose hump and depressed tip of nose





Binder's Syndrome


Binder's Syndrome Correction


Binder's Nose improved by use of L-shaped silicone nasal Implant and maxillary overlay grafts  


Flat nose-treated by augmentation


Flat Nose-Treatment by using an L shaped Silicone Implant


Depressed Nose Fracture


Depressed Nose Fracture treated by Osteotomy and L-shaped silicone implant






Post traumatic Saddle Nose Dorsum & Hooked Tip correction by Osteotomy & L shaped silicone.


Flat Bulbous Nose


Flat Bulbous Nose treated by nostril reduction, L-shaped silicone implant



Birthmark treated by Dermabrasion-similar to Laser





Birth mark face


A large birth mark on face treated by Dermabrasion-which is mechanical peeling off of the skin. 



Dermabrasion for small pox face


Small pox marks on face treated by Dermabrasion 



Sunken EyesRight Sunken Eyelid corrected


Larger than normal right upper eyelid fold, presenting as asymmetry here corrected by permanent filler injection 



Oriental eyelids correction

 Oriental Eyelids correction


Correction of oriental eyelids by creation of new folds above the eye-lash margin. 


Bat ear

 Otoplasty for Bat Ears


Pin-back for ears reducing the angle of projection between ears and head. 



Cheek Lift by barbed threads

 Cheek Lift by barbed thread







facial profile change


Facial profile correction-root of nose over-projection corrected besides Chin Augmentation


Bony Protuberance Chin


Bony protuberance of chin treated by intra-oral bony reduction.



Nek lift

 Neck Lift


Reduction of all platysmal bands and loose neck skin 


Turkey Gobbler Deformity

Turkey Gobbler Neck Deformity


Platysma muscle double breasting and excess skin removal by a zee-plasty incision 


Face and Neck Lift


Face Lift


Face Lift-including upper eyelid blepheroplasty, Cheek augmentation, lower third Face and Neck lift 



Breast augmentation-260 ml 

Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation in a early twenties girl by a 260 ml high profile silicone implant 


Post Gynecomastia, areolar deformity

 Correction of Post Gynecomastia Nipple Deformity


Severe Nipple-areola deformity after a Gynecomastia surgery, corrected by fat injections only 



Breast lift alone-no Implants used

 Breast Lift


Only vertical scar (not inverted T) and no placement of Breast Implants, yet a full look achieved. 


Poland's Syndrome

Breast asymmetry (Poland's Syndrome)

Treated by a 340 ml implant on right side and a breast lift with 190 ml implant on right side 


 Breast asymmetry treated-including by replacement of Implants

Correction of post Augmentation Deformity


450 ml implants replaced with 700 ml ones and contracture of the breast capsules treated simultaneously


Massive Breast Augmentation-on an unusual request


Extreme Breast Augmentation

Extreme breast augmentation by 1500 ml implants, five times the normal average volume.




Liposuction Abdomen & Breast augmentation

Body Contouring (Breast Augmentation and Abdominal Wall Liposuction)


Tummy Tuck-front

Tummy Tuck & Liposuction of Thighs-profile

Tummy Tuck, Umblicoplasty and Liposuction of thighs (Breast Reduction awaited)


Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck
Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck, Umblicoplasty and Breast lift with minimal reduction




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